Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh god, yum - "Linger" in Denver, CO

I had my 26th birthday dinner on Wednesday at "Linger" in the Denver Highlands. The place is a reformed mortuary-turned-tapas restaurant, and focuses on small plates for discerning faces. The food is absolutely delicious and the prices are reasonable, which is why it's always packed even at 9pm on a Wednesday.

If you happen to finish dinner and are still hungry, you can always stop at the "Little Man Ice Cream" shop, which is the shape of a gigantic milk jug. I have never been there because I typically stuff my face full at dinner, and am too bloated and guilty to consider dessert afterwards.

..and if you do go, you should definitely try the "duck
 bun", a warm pita full of teriyaki delicious-ness. You
will be thinking about it the entire next day, I swear
to you. I was.

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