Wednesday, November 13, 2013

On eating paleo (or the trials and tribulations of being a Wisconsin girl who gave up cheese), and the invention of "holy crap delicious cucumber salad"

I'm sure you've heard this tale time and time again and you're SICK of hearing people talk about how being gluten-free and dairy-free and eating paleo has completely recharged their energy and reinvented their lives and bodies and bowel movements, but I'm here to tell you-- it really works. It actually works.

I started noticing that I had developed some kind of errr, allergies, in accordance with food about 6 months ago. I won't go into details with my stomach issues, but something was definitely not digesting correctly. I was exhausted and cranky. I think my friends thought I was lying and was just "going through something weird" when I always wanted to go home early, but the truth was, I really felt like crap all of the time.

My boyfriend, John, and I started doing paleo about 2.5 months ago, and I'm not lying when I say I feel "real awesome", and he has lost about 15 pounds and is looking SVELTE. I was never the kind of girl that anyone would ask for help in the kitchen (I've had to Google "how to hard-boil an egg" repetitively in the absence of my boyfriend), but I've actually been having a great time coming up with paleo-friendly recipes and learning how to survive without Chinese delivery if John isn't around and I'm hungry.

I post a lot of those annoying photos of food that you hate on my Instagram, but I thought I would start including a few of my favorite recipes here, especially if it's something that I came up with or "reinvented". Cucumber salad was always one of my mom's favorite dishes when I was growing up, so I took her recipe and turned it paleo. Here it is:

"Holy crap delicious cucumber salad"

1 cup home-made mayo
2 Tablespoons white wine vinegar
2 Tablespoons mustard
1 Teaspoon-Tablespoon honey (depending on taste-- if you like it sweet and with less tang, add more)
2 cucumbers cut into slices

Cut, mix, refrigerate! This is an excellent side for any BBQ-themed meal, picnics, or just on a hot day when you need something refreshing. This is still one of my favorite dishes ever. :)


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