Monday, November 18, 2013

Another finished DIY project in the books-- this one was a 30-year-old lamp gifted from my boyfriend's mother, which she apparently received as her first Christmas present ever from my boyfriend's father. I love the history behind this lamp (and the fact that it has a BUILT-IN TABLE-- how convenient is that?!), but it was in rough shape, missing a shade, and needed a major spa day.

The lamp was wood, so I sanded (I used an electric sander, but that really isn't necessary) and re-painted the base (I used some leftover acrylic interior paint I had from a previous project). I had to do 3 coats for full coverage. The lampshade was a perfect find from another discarded lamp, and happened to be exactly the style I needed. I spray-painted the lampshade and with a brush added the stripes, which were intended to be rough because that is simply the style of our bedroom. I think it works well with the abstract piece to its right.

Here's our entire finished bedroom:

You can just see the tail of the "jellyfish" fixture, but because of our vaulted ceilings, it was hard to capture a photo of the entire thing. Find a full photo and the DIY instructions for the "jellyfish" here.

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