Friday, December 6, 2013

We've had visitors in our home since the middle of November. And MY GOD, I love my friends and family, but my body just can't handle any more pepperoni calzones from DP Dough at 1am whilst drinking jugs of wine. I'm still recovering from our annual Thanksgiving day friends & family game of "two-hand touch" football, in which I was mercilessly plowed to the ground and suffered minor injuries to skull and tailbone.

'Deez Heidi Ho'z' suffered a heart-breaking defeat against the 'Coach Luckies'
on Thanksgiving day 2013.

Because we've been busy entertaining, I haven't had much time to actually create artwork, although I'm still plowing ahead with my current illustration projects and am close to completing all of the pieces I was commissioned to finish before the holidays. 

Here are the completed snarky cuttlefish, who are sold and will now be heading to Florida.

...and here are the finished cuttlefish, in color, with the addition of Grumpy Cat by an old friend (I think this really completes the entire artwork).

All I want to do tonight is put on a pair of soiled sweatpants, drink tea, and watch a marathon of The League, but I've got an art opening in Fort Colllins at the Lincoln Center. It promises to be an amazing show; I'm just being incredibly lazy.

I'm just rambling now. I'll have something more interesting to say soon.

Au revoir! 

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